Not all heroes wear a cape, and that was true for the volunteers who helped care for the animals at the emergency animal shelter set up at the Black River Coliseum in Poplar Bluff, MO during the recent flooding in our area. Sadly, we do not have contact info to thank each of you individually to give you the proper thanks you deserve.

In fact, for some, we do not even have a name. Many caring individuals brought supplies and many others spent time giving hands on care. ALL donations were deeply appreciated and tremendously helpful. 

Please accept the appreciation of Animal Welfare Alliance of Southeast Missouri and the thanks of the animals you helped care for.

We cannot imagine what it would have been like without the help of these quiet heroes. we hope each and every individual sees our thanks! We could not have met this challenge without YOU.

If you know someone who participated in any manner, please share our message of thanks. We hope each and every individual sees our thanks!

Those who walked and scooped!

  • Maddy Rigby
  • Blake Milner
  • Hank Rainbolt
  • Brad Hall
  • Samantha Johnson
  • Angela White
  • Robyn Preslar
  • Jessica Wells
  • Stacy Faith
  • Dorothy Phillips
  • Courtney Rudledge
  • Krista Sells
  • Melody Trammel
  • Donna Stott
  • Makayla Kettle
  • Judy Rigby
  • Marge Van Praag
  • Terena Whitworth
  • Steve Whitworth
  • Trish Hall
  • Charlotte Craig
  • Nancy Abernathy
  • Sandra Elliott
  • Amy Dill
  • Jamie Ethridge
  • Madison Altman
  • Elissa Hogg
  • Silvia Smith
  • Debbie Winters
  • April Dover
  • Fallon Stewart
  • Rachel Stevens
  • Dean Rigby
  • Bethany Jenson
  • Anthony Oestenfer
  • Margaret Trader
  • Bo Jeffers
  • Mickey Gum
  • Rachel Smith
  • Rosemary Claus-Gray
  • Alvia Jenson
  • Wray Ann Williams
  • Alana Contrell
  • Catrina Macera
  • Clop Fischer
  • Matt Whitworth
  • Jenna Whitworth
  • Makenna Gallamore
  • Judy russell