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Spay Neuter

A Project of Creative Communities, Inc.

Program Procedure  

  1. Potential Low Cost S/N client will contact SEMO Low Cost S/N either in person or by phone.
  1. Potential client will return completed application with supporting documentation to SEMO Low Cost S/N.
  1. Executive Board will hold a meeting every 2 weeks after the regular scheduled meeting to review and approve/reject applications.
  1. Potential client will be contacted via telephone, mail or email as to the status of their application (approved/rejected/need more information).
  1. If the client has been approved he/she will be notified and given further instructions):
    1. He/she will be instructed to call one of the vets on the vet participation list to make an appointment for the appropriate surgery.  The vet will give the client instructions - arrival time, NPO time, etc. The client is expected to keep this appointment. In the event of a problem, the client must call the vet to reschedule if necessary.
    2. SEMO Low Cost Spay/Neuter will fax a voucher to the vet selected authorizing the spay/neuter procedure. The client must pay the co-payment money ($20.00 for each dog, $10.00 for each cat) when they take the animal to the vet.  The vet is responsible for collecting the client co-payment up front and will not do the surgery without the client paying their share up front.
    3. The client is totally responsible for transporting their animal to the vet and for picking up their animal at the instructed time after the procedure.  The client is also responsible for caring for the animal after the surgery according to the vet’s instructions.
    4. SEMO Low Cost S/N pays only for its share of the spay/neuter procedure. If the client elects to have additional vet like vaccinations, worming, etc. it is completely at the client’s expense.
    5. The vet will bill SEMO Low Cost S/N on a monthly basis for its share of the spay/neuter procedures and will be paid within 1 week of receipt of the monthly billing.  When the vet bills for a procedure the voucher authorizing that procedure will be returned.

Program Application

Applicant Income Based on 150% of Current Federal Poverty Guidelines

Creative Communities, Inc. is a non-profit organization.  One of our projects is SEMO Low Cost Spay/Neuter program for dog and cat companion animals of low income individuals and families in selected Missouri counties.  To apply for this assistance you must fill out and submit this application. 

Your application will then be reviewed by our board to determine if you fit the criteria to receive  assistance in getting your pet spayed or neutered.  This program is not free - you must contribute $20.00 to get your dog spayed/neutered and if you have a cat you must contribute $10.00 to get your cat spayed/neutered.  Then SEMO Low Cost Spay/Neuter program will pay the rest of the veterinarian’s fee.    If you feel you would like to participate with your pet in this program please fill out the questions below and mail back.




County________________ Telephone Number____________________

Dog_______________Cat________________(please check one)

How many people are in your household_____________(actually living with you that you support)

What was your income in 201__: __________________(Please send us a copy of your 201__ : income tax return, Social Security 1099, Medicaid card, etc. to substantiate your low income status.)

Thank you for applying for this program.  Your application will be reviewed by our board within 2 weeks and we will either call you or notify you by mail if you qualify to participate in the progam.  If you qualify to participate in the program further instructions will be given at that time.

Please mail your application to: Christine Roberts, RR 1 Box 366, Williamsville, MO. 63967  

Click here for Printer Friendly Spay Neuter Program (pdf)

Click here for Printer Friendly Spay/Neuter Application (pdf)

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